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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  August 31, 2012 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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excuse me a second jacki, mr. president -- oh, good morning, jacki schechner. he didn't just jump the shark, the shark ate him. holy awkward. >> somebody pointed out i think
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he is off prompter. >> his entire speech was ad libbed. >> and what was with his hair? that was just -- jim actually called me live in real time. >> yeah, he didn't get the republican helmet hair memo. >> stephanie: you have to call me after the top we have to talk more about this. in the meantime jacki schechner. >> good morning, everyone. with the convention behind them mitt romney and paul ryan will do a campaign together. romney gets to start using his new campaign plane today. it is stamped with believe in america. paul ryan by the way gets his own plane too. by most accounts romney's speech
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was overshadowed by clint eastwood's speech. >> i know even some people in your own party were very disappointed when we didn't close git-mo. >> stephanie: the obama campaign tweeted out this photo with the caption, this seat is taken. and there is a new twitter star the invisible obama. it had about 22,000 followers by the end of mitt romney's speech this morning. it is up to almost 39,000 followers. as for the real president he travels to el passo, texas. and he is going to give an address address for iraq. it was exactly two years ago
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today that he gave a speech in the oval office to declare the end to operation iraqi freedom. we're back with more after the break. and social media, providing unsurpassed insight into the most buzz worthy tweets, posts and pontifications, from the entire social stratosphere including you. join in, tweet us, and you could be a part of our on-air and online coverage. >>now that is politically direct. (vo) ...after the premiere of joy behar: say anything what makes hershey's s'mores special? pure chocolate goodness that brings people together. hershey's makes it a s'more... you make it special. pure hershey's. it's like chicken and crunchy stuff got married! i only use french's french fried onions
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on my crunchy onion chicken because it's america's number one brand. just minutes to make, then bake!
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> sorry, i can't talk to you now, mr. president -- i have to start my show -- mr. president i would like to tell you -- >> i'm going to keep doing the chair bit all morning.
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>> did you sit on a pie? >> i sure hope so. >> stephanie: jim ward called me live to say wtf? [ explosion ] >> is this really happening? >> twitter almost went completely -- >> stephanie: exploded. oh, my god. let's get it to. let's bring our friend in. ♪ fugelsang super star ♪ >> stephanie: we need the whole gang here. >> do you feel lucky, chair, do ya? >> stephanie: jacki with the best line, he didn't just jump the shark, the shark ate him. >> stunningly weird. >> stephanie: i was like oh do we -- is he okay.
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>> it was like open mic at the old folk's home. >> you people -- >> stephanie: john, i think this may not be the republicans year. >> you know, can i say -- >> i hope i get it. i hope i get it. how many vps does he need? >> stephanie: not this year we're going a different direction. yes, john. >> stephanie: you people act like you have never seen a man talk to his stool before. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: jacki schechner what were you thinking in real time? as a news person don't you think, is he ill? can we make fun of this? what? >> he is like that drunk toast at the wedding, when you hope it will just end. nobody knows how to get drunk uncle loui off.
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we sat here looking at each other like is this really happening? >> stephanie: jim and i had to call each other from bed. >> and another thing, don't get me started -- >> stephanie: i'm going to go with he slept in an ally and the back of his hair -- >> in fairness to clint eastwood, it was still way better than the rookie. i'm in the minority i actually thought it was pretty hip. the crowd in the room loved it. as weird as it seemed to us. >> stephanie: well, he is clint eastwood. but i felt awkwardness. >> it was very awkward, but he made the gop acknowledge [ inaudible ]. and it is also so weird that this is for mitt romney who said
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let detroit go bankrupt. you have mr. halftime in america with mr. let's throw the game. >> stephanie: but i thought he got up on the stage with a chair said a lot. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: the president had the best tweet. ho is sitting in the oval office chair and he said this seat is taken. [♪ circus music ♪] >> she said ann romney looked seriously perturbed. >> stephanie: mitt's speech i thought was shallow and full of lies. >> i thought it was a fine speech. >> i think cenk said it was going to be forgettable, and
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then i just forgot about it. >> stephanie: we spent the first several minutes talking about the eastwood speech. >> and the rose story was awkward. he said my mother got a rose every day and the day she didn't she knew his father was dead. >> well he showed real emotion for the first time in his life. >> his father gave his mother a flower every day, and the day she didn't get a flower she knew he was dead. >> i thought that was touching. >> well it just ended there. >> it is not touching when it ends in death. >> it succeeded in mitt showing emotion. >> there was no conclusion to that. >> stephanie: i know. jacki did you hear -- even the
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story that they told about how they met that ann romney told about how they [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: lie. lie. >> how did they meet? >> stephanie: she was riding her horse when they were kids. she said she met him at this dance. no, they met when she was riding a horse and he threw pebbles at her. >> so he was bullying the horse. >> stephanie: yeah just saying and the lies continue. ♪ >> stephanie: yeah, everybody dance. >> romney: he has taken $716 billion out of the medicare trust fund to pay for obamacare. ♪ well you can't tell by the way of my awkward walk i'm a robot man, the trees are high the pancakes done, but now i'm full
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of lies, it's okay the truth will go the other way, you don't have to understand the "new york times" or fox news man, whether are you an app pope ent or whether you are a mormon i'm going to say in a lie, lie lie, ♪ ♪ stay in a lie ♪ ♪ those records were financed by taking money out of [ inaudible ] ♪ ♪ obama is took the work requirement out of making disco movies ♪ ♪ somebody help me yeah anyone ♪ [ applause ] >> stephanie: rocky mountain mike bringing it. >> that was a good one. >> stephanie: did you see the cartoon that says lies. and republicans are like rebuilt this.
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>> you know what you may have missed. he started about starting a small business with her ten friends. little bain capital business. $12 million of their own money. >> dad said go get 'em scamp. >> stephanie: it's like doing a beer run, just combine our cash. seriously all of the small business owners -- paul ryan's speech has been picked apart like a -- you know elephant by school of pir ran thats. >> why is it so hard to say the word lie. >> you need to separate lies from outrageous falsehoods. >> stephanie: what is the
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difference john? >> [ inaudible ] voted against simpson boals. and blaming obama for the [ inaudible ]. obama said you didn't build it that was the biggest lie all week. the government takeover of health care was polititfacts biggest lie of the year. he has done nothing for jobs. that was a lie. their party blocked the jobs bill. successful in business. successful in business is a good thing. that's a falsehood. the president never said anything like that. so it was really kind of all over the place every night. and mitt really repeated the same lies, but again, they are going for one thing.
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low-information voters. >> stephanie: jacki we -- we were talking -- and i know that they have won back the women vote, because just ann romney yelling i love you women! that's all i needed. >> that's right. >> yeah, i thought we really could relate to her in that moment. >> it was a very powerful speech she gave. >> stephanie: yes, and then they sent her out to secure the hispanic, when she yelled out you people really know how to party. >> yeah, mitt is gringo star. [ laughter ] >> newt gingrich's fourth wife just finished her homework on the bright side. >> stephanie: that's awesome. >> the party of family values.
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>> stephanie: what was that skit? >> six years they were going at it while he was married to marian. >> wow. >> stephanie: that is spectacular. >> i thought marco rubio did a great speech. i was looking for his classical after his contemporary. >> chris christie was the best-serving speech of all time. >> stephanie: jacki did you see when they cut to paul ryan during the marco rubio speech. it was like ha ha. he picked me you pretty boy. >> it should be invisible mitt because what they didn't do during the entire convention was
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talk about how invisible mitt mitt. >> stephanie: yeah, that is because he is not awesome or notable in any way. >> but if you are going to spend three days playing make believe don't you think you would pretend you liked the nominee even a little bit. >> stephanie: yeah. spectacular coverage everybody -- our convention team. we were saying it was like the smart-person olympics. >> it was really fun. it was really engaging very mystery signs theater. >> yes, it was. al gore himself used that term. >> stephanie: yeah it was not your dad's convention coverage. >> it was like a bunch of your smartest friends sitting around the tv watching. >> yeah, you are like say it say it. they said everything over the last three days that you were thinking. >> yeah, it was amazing
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coverage. you have two governors who are both brilliant. spitzer and gore. >> stephanie: really? little smart you think? >> i have worked with paul mccartney and famous people who will be in history books, and gore -- being in the guy's presence is amazing, and he is so centered and then you have cenk who is just incredible. i said i feel like jeff lind of the first traveling [ inaudible ] tour. and jacki your segments were excellent. >> thank you. >> great content all the time. >> and you are going to do it again next week? >> yeah. that will be fabulous. >> stephanie: and we'll be broadcasting live from there.
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we'll be talking about what goes on at the parties afterwards. jacki schechner fabulous. talk to you at the top of the hour. >> bye-bye. [ applause ] >> stephanie: much more on fridays with fugelsang. >> announcer: it's like a mensa meeting with fart jokes. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ septic disasters are disgusting and costly, but avoidable. the rid-x septic subscriber program helps prevent backups by sending you monthly doses right to your door so you will never forget to maintain your system. sign up at
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>>now, let's hear yours at the only online forum with a direct line to stephanie miller. >>the only thing that can save america now: current television.
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>>join the debate now. ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ she's a brick house ♪ ♪ she's mighty mighty just letting it all hang out ♪ ♪ she's a brick house ♪ ♪ shake it down, shake it down now ♪ >> saking it down. >> stephanie: yes. it is the "stephanie miller show."
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22 minutes after the hour. fridays with fugelsang in the new york bureau. tickets going fast for the sexy liberal pa loo sa. and also in seattle. rowland says this may be the greatest clint eastwood tweet from his ex-wife. wow, who knew clint was such a right-wing [ censor bleep ] hole. >> wow. >> stephanie: she was the head prostitute in the movie unforgiven. >> stephanie: steph i thought it
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was interesting clint eastwood was clearly trying to make up for his super bowl commercial john nailed that one. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: more clint from last night. >> it's important that you realize that -- that you are the best in the world, and whether you are democrat or whether you are a republican or libertarian or whatever -- >> stephanie: what? >> you are the best and we should not ever forget that -- and we -- when somebody does not do the job, we got to let him go. [ cheers and applause ] >> stephanie: what was he talking about -- >> he was hedging his bet. >> stephanie: he got to the point. i bet ya there is a bunch of
7:22 am
scooby doos in the audience what? it is not okay if you are a democrat. and here is the big final lee. >> it's not you owning it or politicians owning it. politicians are employees of ours. and they are just going to come around beg for votes every few years, but i think it's important that you realize that -- and that you are the best in the world. >> stephanie: where is my angry crotchedy old man -- somebody put the chair there instead. >> oh, i don't have time for this, i have to buy a single piece of food with a coupon and then return it making people wait behind me while i complain.
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>> there it is! [ laughter ] >> stephanie: all right. joe in virginia. hi joe. >> caller: good morning miss stephanie. i belong to the less than 1% i'm a disabled veteran, and this president has done more for veterans, not by words but by deeds than any president that i -- in my lifetime and i was born during the truman administration, and i can promise you if he stays in office we won't be forgotten after the wars are over. >> stephanie: yep. >> caller: if george bush would have had his way in 2007 they would have dropped funds raise for veterans back to 2006 levels. the article in the "washington post" stopped that. the american people for the first time in my memory rose up as one voice and said no treat us right.
7:24 am
and this president has done more for -- for veterans than any president in history. >> stephanie: yep. >> caller: and you keep going. you guys are doing great. >> stephanie: you too, and thank you for your service. kenny pick in cleveland. >> caller: good morning, i'm still hung over from the sexy liberal show in columbus. [ laughter ] >> caller: my two favorite moments of last night was the video montage before mitt's speech when they showed him when he was a little kid and he still had the creepy laugh but he was even creepier because he was a little kid. [ mocking laughter ] >> caller: but my first favorite part was when clint eastwood was talking about the onion belt. >> we can't bust heads like we used to but we have our ways. fun trick is to tell them stories that don't go anywhere!
7:25 am
like the time i caught the ferry over to shelbyville, i needed a new heel for my shoe, so i decided to go to morganville, which is what they call shelbyville, so i tied an onion to my belt so i took the ferry because it cost a nickel and in those days nickels had pictures of bumblebees -- now where were we? i had an onion on my belt which was the style at the time. they didn't have white onions because of the war, the only thing you could get was those big yellow ones. [ applause ] >> stephanie: oh, my god, kenny is right. it was so onion belt. i picture him at home every night talking to his imaginary
7:26 am
friend in the chair. he is a kenyan! >> did you notice jeb's speech last night where he talked about my brother kept us safe. nobody has told jeb about iraq. >> stephanie: poor jebby. did w do a little videotape thing. >> his father did. >> stephanie: oh it was only george hw. >> it was george w. bush making his father look like socrates. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: all right. david bender is coming up next on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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cover the convention. but only current puts you at the collision of tv and social media, providing unsurpassed insight into the most buzz worthy tweets, posts and pontifications, from the entire social stratosphere including you. join in, tweet us, and you could be a part of our on-air and online coverage. brought to you by: spiriva handihaler.
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♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> if you are well rested and enthusiastic apparently ignorance is bliss. >> what? [ laughter ] >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 34 minutes after the hour. guest who is going to be our special guest right out of the box tuesday when we are live from charlotte, john fugelsang? oh, i don't know where he went.
7:32 am
aisha tyler! >> it is going to be amazing. >> stephanie: what did i just say who is going to be joining us on the first live broadcast from charlotte? [ buzzer ] >> aisha tyler. >> stephanie: i caught him in the bathroom. >> you did. daddy had to take his medicine. >> stephanie: well, we have been working you like a red-haired stepchild. >> i have to work harder than paul ryan's fact checker. [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: john fugelsang will be filling in for us the week after the convention when we are on vacation. he is mr. fill-in man. >> i am. >> stephanie: speaking of paul ryan's speech -- [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: fact-checking
7:33 am
organizations calling at attention to a number of errors -- chiefly that president obama was responsible for the closing of a gm plant that closed before he became president. the fox news contributor slammed ryan's speech saying the congressman was trying to set the world record for the greatest number of lies. >> sally kohne is a friend of mine. she is wonderful. she -- well she's just fearless and everyone should follow her on twitter, and read her stuff on >> stephanie: wow. by the way -- [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: -- hey, looky here, jim, the bush
7:34 am
administration praised the closure of the plant that paul ryan blamed obama for. one of the supporters of the janesville plant, your friend dana perino. [ bell chimes ] >> and she was the likable one. [♪ "jeopardy" theme music ♪] >> stephanie: jim, who said, it's a sign that detroit continues to adapt evolve and address the change in consumer tastes and attitudes. who said that? >> dana lohse. [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: no dana perino what happens is there are all of these lies in the speech and
7:35 am
then have to trot people out to talk about the lies. >> it's not about words. it's about a number. 50.1%. that's all care number. low-info voters will decide the election. >> stephanie: jeb bush says those were exactly the words barack obama used. it was a campaign promise, and yet another campaign promise unfulfilled. it was closed before he took office. that doesn't make any sense. >> he used his hip hop time
7:36 am
machine. >> stephanie: yes. according to bush ryan put forward his own budget -- >> why didn't he follow the recommendations that i despise. >> stephanie: yes. oh, he's here. ♪ return to bender ♪ >> this means a lot doesn't it bender. >> stephanie: i think we got him on a layover on his way to charlotte. >> indeed you did, i have been sitting next to invisible barack obama the entire way, and i got to tell you, that guy would not stop talking. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: david seriously have you ever seen anything in all of your years of politics can you even conceive of that clint eastwood thing. >> i have been to the last 11 democratic conventions and two republicans actually. but this is what this really tells us. this is so interesting.
7:37 am
this is a tightly scripted event. they kept sarah palin away and did everything they could short of controlling the weather to get this running exactly like clock work swiss watch. >> stephanie: right. >> but nobody, nobody vetted clint eastwood. >> stephanie: you could tell it was unscripted. it was so awkward. i think they were just so excited they got clint eastwood. >> right. >> nobody had the nerve to ask him what he was going to say. and can you imagine if you are the director or the campaign manager, and you see -- he has put a chair out there next to him? >> stephanie: would you have given anything to be in the control room? >> anything. anything. and believe me we will get -- it will be a bigger book than seal team six.
7:38 am
what really happened the night clint eastwood exploded on the republican stage. it was a little painful -- >> stephanie: between that and chris christie's speech, i just feel like this is not their year. i don't think this convention went the way they hoped. do you? >> no, it did not. and now that we have officially renamed the vice president running mate lying ryan and that will be his name from now until november -- he cannot open his mouth -- and this is -- this is classic. karl rove. he went after john [ inaudible ] on his perceived strength, and that's always the incline is to take the perceived strength. what is paul ryan's legendary reputation, if you can call a guy who has never had a job outside of the government
7:39 am
legendary, his reputation is for telling the hard truths, but the actual reality is that he doesn't ever tell the truth. >> stephanie: right. the bad news is of course no one is talking about mitt romney's speech. i thought it was -- as i was saying fairly unremarkable and full of lies. >> it was content free. he may have been telling the truth about how his boys liked to fight and reenact wars and this is all designed to make him feel warm and fuzzy, and if there was one more mention of women, it truly would have turned into the golden girls. all -- all they did was talk about -- you heard mitt he listed all of those -- see, some of my best friends are women. i'm related to them. i invited them to come to the convention and speak. and it is as shameless a bit of
7:40 am
pandering as you can imagine, and it won't play. >> stephanie: i certainly don't think it will move the needle on all of the groups they need. women, hispanics, blacks. do you see them getting much of a bounce out of this convention. >> they'll get a little bit of a bounce. it is not going to last very long. it will not be as big of bounce as sarah palin. >> stephanie: oh yeah. >> all of us said how can they take that woman seriously. and that lasted about a month until such time as she actually had to give interviews. >> stephanie: right. well you know why, david? because she is a bumbler, and bumblers, bounce. >> didn't i ever tell you about bumbles? bumbles bounce. >> i didn't know that. but paul ryan is going to keep
7:41 am
talking, and he is going to be the attack dog and say things that are completely made up and over time that is not going to wear well, that eddie munster mouth of his is going to go into a permanent pout. >> stephanie: yeah, i know some people have said i'm nervous -- you have got to say just in terms of the optics -- good looking family there's this whole [ inaudible ] that is going to be up there. >> absolutely. >> stephanie: and when i was talking about them lying about the lies. i heard rush limbaugh the day after paul ryan's speech they have already had to retract -- and i literally have to call chris and check. we are in such a partisan environment, is there literally is like two sets of truths or facts. >> yeah. >> stephanie: they send you
7:42 am
something that they are convinced is true, and they are not. >> right. like obama has lined up concentration camps and coming after your guns and mitt romney actually passed more gun-control laws in massachusetts. obama has been terrible terrible on gun control. >> the democratic party dropped it in the '90s. >> stephanie: yeah. >> yeah, all of this stuff, as you say is made up completely invented, fact free, and here is what it does come down to. it comes down to the fact that will a lie beat the truth? >> stephanie: yeah. >> and the only time we're going to break through -- the problem we have got is that the money that will be spent over the next 60 days -- or 75 days however long is going to be so huge. we saw an eight to one scott walker outspending his opponent
7:43 am
in wisconsin, that's the koch brothers. >> stephanie: yeah. >> there will be three times when it will matter when obama stands next to romney and looks him in the eye. >> stephanie: we keep talking about the 2016 movie, isn't that a perfect example? it's doing great at the box office. there is such a market for obama hatred -- >> sure. >> stephanie: and people think it is somehow a documentary. it is based on his own theory that obama has been planning to downsize and degrade america -- >> the footnotes in the movie are footnotes to his own book. >> stephanie: right, they think -- he is fulfilling his father's anti-colonial dream. it is a father he met once. >> he met him when he was ten and his father abandoned him when he was two.
7:44 am
>> stephanie: right. >> he is fulfilling these dreams from his father because he never new his father. >> exactly. >> it is the worst, you know, nightmarish pop psychology and as much as a documentary as spinal tap is. >> but david this is fugelsang here, that's why they keep saying obama was an anti colonialist activist. >> exactly. [ inaudible ] also said we're also not a christian nation. >> that was article 11 ratified by george washington before he left office. true story. >> and that was seconded by the second president, john adams. >> yes it was. >> and you won't hear that from the tea party folks who are saying we have to go back to our
7:45 am
founding principles. >> stephanie: all right. history geeks. make you stock up on plenty of that crappy wine i like in charlotte. >> i will. we'll see you in charlotte. >> drinking crappy wine in a cracky hotel room. >> stephanie: oh, yeah party! david do something about those stains of our bedspreads before we get there. >> is there a bed woman in the bathtub. >> no it's not even up to the shining standard. >> stephanie: exactly. >> it's a black and white tv. >> stephanie: all right. 48 hours after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> you are a reporter or an opinion person? >> stephanie: it would never
7:46 am
occur to me to think of myself as anything but a reporter. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." (vo) ...after the premiere of joy behar: say anything
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joining us. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me, man.
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get irresistibly clean and fresh carpets in your home with resolve deep clean powder. the moist powder removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. (vo) this is joy. >>who the heck does mitt romney think he is? (vo) this is joy on current tv. >>if mitt romney treats his magic underwear the same way as his tax returns, then he's been going commando for the past 10 years. ♪
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♪ she turned the speaker down ♪ ♪ and then she turned on the radio and got -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ she's got the booingy fever ♪ >> stephanie: that is a low bar. you are at like at least we're staying in north carolina. >> yeah, a lot of the press is staying in south carolina. including current tv the crew.
7:51 am
but we have a bo jangles right next door. >> stephanie: somebody is probably sleeping with me in my hotel. >> the mind reels at who that could be. >> i'm pretty sure it is not going to be al gore. >> stephanie: mittens. >> romney: this isn't something we have to accept. now is the moment when we can do something, and with your help we can really do something. >> and with your help we can really be disappointed. >> stephanie: there was a reagan hologram. >> oh, yeah. they canceled it for fear that it would be more interesting than mitt romney's acceptance
7:52 am
speech. >> rush limbaugh said it was mugged by invisible obama. >> stephanie: did you see this -- [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: first of all -- she looks like john candy in a bad wig. >> money can't buy cream rinse. >> stephanie: the world's richest woman. she said if you are jealous of those with money do something about it. spend less time drinking smoking, and partying. she inherited all of her money. here is mitt romney >> romney: his $716 billion cut
7:53 am
to medicare -- >> stephanie: oh dear. did he stand for the speech or was he on a thrown of lies? >> it's amazing he can stand up with his nose sticking 40 feet out from his face. >> it is worse than a lie because they factored those savings into paul ryan's budget. every republican has signed off on those so-called cuts. >> stephanie: right. kirkland is a minister who has some thoughts? atlanta. welcome. >> caller: yeah, being a minister of a gospel myself, we have a mandate to tell the truth and lead by example. how in the world can mitt romney call him self a bishop? i'm afraid of the direction
7:54 am
christianity is going in this country. >> he gets around that by never ever calling himself a bishop. >> caller: well, they are calling him a bishop. he cannot call himself a bishop or any kind of leader -- >> stephanie: that's right. thou shall not bare false witness. >> absolutely. obama has never apologized for america. $700 billion was not cut from medicare, the downgrade of s&p was blamed on the gop. and this is a guy who believes joe smith's story checks out. >> stephanie: this will be perfect you know why, because i'm going to go right from our
7:55 am
hotel and hang out on mudcat's porch. >> there you go. >> stephanie: i'm going to go fishing in the crick and sit on mudcat saunter's porch. >> you going to do some whittling? >> stephanie: is there whittling wood? we will have a star-studded week next week, and john fugelsang you will be in new york with the a-team. >> i sure will be. >> stephanie: and bill press and i will be live from charlotte, broadcasting from there. so we're on it. there's the just do it t-shirt and then there's the one that says i'm on it.
7:56 am
we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." [♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: anyway jacki i can't really do that to myself. i'm sorry, what? jacki where are you? [ laughter ] >> stephanie: there she was. [♪ magic wand ♪] >> was it funny >> stephanie: it's the laverne and shirley of current. ♪ >> that was as funny that we tell people we're going to do it, and then we do it. >> stephanie: okay. that was our little skit.
7:57 am
>> it was funny for me. >> stephanie: i literally just got off of the phone with her. don't be in your chair so i can't see you. >> we crack us up. >> stephanie: go on, shirley. >> good morning, everyone bill chris it will is going after mitt romney once again. first it was attacking him for not releasing his tax returns, calling the move crazy on fox news sunday. now he put in a blog post why romney would make no mention of afghanistan in his convention speech. he said that mitt romney didn't say one word and this is true about the 68,000 troops fighting abroad no thank you or appreciation for their services now or in the past. he said he wants to be commander in chief, and he can't remember
7:58 am
one time when a nominee has not mentioned the war when we're in war. a reporter sheila was invited to a karl rove breakfast briefing. she says he knew she was a journalist, but when she got there, nobody asked to see any credentials, so she really had unfiltered access. rove told the gathering of billionaires that they have to go after former obama donors but he said just remind them what he promised. it has a $300 million budget. $200 million to spend on the presidential race, but the most jarring had to do with todd akin. he told the group that they should sink todd akin and then he said quote, if he is found mysteriously murders, don't look for my whereabouts.
7:59 am
that's going to do it. we're back with more stephanie after the break. stay with us. ♪ cover the convention. but only current puts you at the collision of tv and social media, providing unsurpassed insight into the most buzz worthy tweets, posts and pontifications, from the entire social stratosphere including you. join in, tweet us, and you could be a part of our on-air and online coverage. >>now that is politically direct. (vo) ...after the premiere of joy behar: say anything we know that back to school time means back to school germs. that's why lysol partners with schools all across the country providing resources designed to help teach healthy habits. so make sure you add lysol no touch hand soap and lysol wipes to your "back to school" list. that way, the healthy habits they learn in school will reinforce the good habits you've already taught them at home. to learn more, visit
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine it's time to feel good hey all right now ♪ >> stephanie: six minutes after the hour. jacki and i just did the chair skit. [ applause ] >> stephanie: your chair was empty -- and oh i love skits.
8:03 am
six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2. and you are email us all there. john fugelsang in the new york bureau did a fabulous job covering the convention. >> thank you. >> stephanie: and we'll be in charlotte next week. and the whole group will be there next week. >> except for governor grandholm who will be speaking one night. >> stephanie: yes. here is mittens again last night. >> romney: i'm going to make one thing clear, unlike president obama i will not raise taxes on
8:04 am
the middle class. >> lie! >> liar liar your pants are on fire! >> stephanie: thank you. okay. ♪ he has taken $716 billion out of the medicare trust fund to pay for obamacare ♪ ♪ you can't tell by the way of my awkward walk i'm a robot man who can't quite talk the trees are high the pancakes are done now i'm full of lies. it's okay. the truth will go the over way. you don't have to understand the "new york times" or fox news man. i'm saying a lie, hear my story shaky, i'm saying a lie lie, lie, lie, saying the lies lie lie, lie, lie saying a lie ♪
8:05 am
♪ this was financed by taking money out of medicare ♪ ♪ obama took the work requirement out of making disco movies ♪ ♪ somebody help me somebody help me, yeah ♪ ♪ anyone ♪ >> stephanie: rocky mountain mike. and michael shure one of the turks! hello michael. >> how are you stephanie? >> stephanie: i'm still recovering from the convention. >> i am too. >> stephanie: mitt overshadowed by clint eastwood. >> stephanie: yeah that was just leaving everybody kind of you know -- jaws to the floor -- i tweeted that it's -- it's an 11 -- an 82 year old policy, and they are putting an 82 year old out on the stage.
8:06 am
>> stephanie: were you in the hall for that? >> yeah, i was. >> stephanie: what was the feeling? >> the first feeling was the hologram wasn't working. [ laughter ] >> and because it's clint eastwood everybody strains to listen, and then it just started wandering. >> stephanie: somebody was commenting on the look on ann romney's face. >> i was sitting right next to her, so i couldn't see her face directly. no, i didn't actually see her face where from we were up in the top of the forum. >> stephanie: amazing you didn't get better seating. >> david shuster got the better seat. >> stephanie: yeah. boy, that cannot have gone the way the romney camp hoped. clearly he had no writers.
8:07 am
>> it's true but even the excitement over getting clint eastwood. he is 82 years old. who are they trying to address? the people that identify with clint eastwood now -- i feel like it was a poor decision from the very beginning. >> i disagree. million dollar baby is one of the best films -- >> stephanie: oh please i agree with michael. it was an attempt to nail down more angry white guys. >> that's exactly right. it is everything we have said all along which is rallying the base. if their base is 82 year old white guys they have them all right. the first night that it was really energetic of all three nights -- this was the first night when i walked in and felt like now i'm in a national
8:08 am
convention. and then ann romney clint, marco rubio, i think gave a rambling speech. it was his keynote moment, and that didn't happen. and going in to mittens after that, it was sort of tough. >> stephanie: i thought his speech was -- you know unremarkable. >> romney's speech? >> stephanie: yeah. >> i thought it was an ordinary but fine acceptance speech. i don't think it is a speech that people will be quoting a lot. but it was fine. it was capable. but it was just unremarkable, and full of lies but a lot of them are. this week has been just lie after lie. but a lot of these things, this is where they make their promises and smile. >> stephanie: people can always go -- people have always lied in politics, but it really does feel like this is playing differently, when you have fox news analysts criticizing paul
8:09 am
ryan. i think there is a line that i feel like they have crossed. >> yeah the line was crossed with paul ryan. it was a lie-filled speech and a lot of people caught on to that with ryan's speech and have been talking about it ever since, so i think that was an unusually mendatious speech. >> stephanie: yeah i think president obama even said michael when you get to the debates -- he said it's harder to do that face-to-face. >> exactly. when you watched mitt romney last night, you think about him up against president obama and he walked into that hall -- that's true -- we didn't even talk about that. the way he sort of came in to the hall -- i thought that was bizarre. >> stephanie: they did it like the state of the union. he came in through the audience shaking hands. >> right. >> stephanie: that was a little
8:10 am
heavy handed right? >> literally, yes. but he -- the whole -- seeing him just not looking presidential compared to what we're going to see out of obama in the debate is exactly what you were saying. it's going to be apples and oranges, and i think that is going to be really tough. and next week the democrats have to make sure just to tell white lies not, you know whoppers. >> they have got to be really really careful about that. >> stephanie: in the family values part it was nice to see the newt and callista skit wasn't it? which wife is this? >> not just which wife it is but look at what they were like -- it was like charlie mccarthy and -- >> but how awesome sarah palin didn't get invited, but callista did. imagine the rage. imagine how she is yelling at the help today. >> stephanie: yeah exactly.
8:11 am
michael what can we expect next week do you think, and -- i think there is such a difference too. a lot of people were saying i don't think this helped them with all -- it was a nice little show, but certainly having condoleezza rice and governor martinez but i don't think it will help a wit do you? >> right. and if you were in this hall, you would not -- another thing i said was that i saw all zero percent of the people -- the black americans that polled that they liked mitt romney. there is no way this helped them with minorities. i think next week you are going to see -- i would guess not a lot of reference to these three day, and just sort of a celebration in charlotte really
8:12 am
rallying behind the president. i think they saw the sort of lack of energy here and if they can send a message of energy next week, i think that will help them a lot. >> stephanie: they have done such a spectacular job in my opinion angering women, hispanics, african-americans, gays, pick any kind of group that -- you know -- i meal like they have gone out of their way to offend. i think there will be a tremendous amount of energy next week. >> yeah, i think there will be great energy. i think they will talk about everything that wasn't talked about here. what the president really has to do, and i think one of the problem at this -- you know, at this -- the convention here was that over the course of three days -- listen this place got cursed. isaac was a really big problem for them but if in charlotte the president is able to tell people -- to speak to all of the
8:13 am
americans that were not addressed here and there were a lot of americans that were not addressed at this convention he is going to have i think a great deal more success. >> stephanie: i think it's a given that we're going to lose the crotchety old men that yell at chairs. >> yeah, which i thought we had. >> stephanie: yeah. michael shure we will see you next week. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> stephanie: he is like fugelsang hand and romantic. janet also wants to talk about that. hi, janet. >> caller: hi stephanie. >> stephanie: how are you? >> caller: i'm great. i want to thank you guys for coming on, because every morning after the convention i needed to get my blood pressure
8:14 am
lowered. >> stephanie: and how about that john fugelsang are you twirling your hair like most girls that call to talk to john fugelsang. >> caller: yes, he is not very intelligent intelligent, he is also very very handsome. >> stephanie: that's right. >> caller: and people think paul ryan is handsome -- >> stephanie: right. and gavin newsom. >> gavin newsom is appalling. i'm the guy in the before picture for the gym ad. >> stephanie: you are not. >> yeah his fair has a police motorcade. the guy is too handsome. >> stephanie: john is mcdreamy.
8:15 am
[ screaming ] >> announcer: dammit jim, i'm not a doctor but i think i'm dying of laughter. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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what the current audience can expect from my show is the unexpected. >>stephanie miller challenges the system, now it's your turn. >>it's a little bit of magic. >>connect with "talking liberally with stephanie miller" at and on twitter at smshow.
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♪ ♪ you we play this game ♪ ♪ and we call it -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> stephanie: yeah, get it. jump in. it is the "stephanie miller show." fridays with sexy liberal john fugelsang. and oh know we can't cross the sexy liberal streams, this could -- [ explosion ] . >> dogs and cats could be living
8:19 am
together. hal sparks on line one. >> what is that legal? >> yes it is just for one day we get a post-mitt write-off. this is a loophole created by the existence of mitt romney. >> i call it my cluster fix. [ bell chimes ] >> stephanie: we may have to add a chair skit to our sexy liberal stage performance now. [ laughter ] >> yeah, stool skit of our own. i would like to bring this up and i want to hear your take on this. the attempt last night was to humanize mitt. >> stephanie: right. >> and i thought one of the most humanizing beautiful stories and elements that he told -- that mitt romney said in his speech was the story about his father and the flower. >> stephanie: right. >> but he was so bad at telling it, and disconnected from what it was as a story that -- first
8:20 am
of all they laughed at the florist line, which was meant to be a touching moment. was meant to be -- if you want to know how much my parents loved each other, ask the local florist because that tone would have set up the story. there was a woman grasping her face crying because of it. everybody should have cried from it, but nobody does. he tells the story about the rose and then breezes past it. it was amazingly small compared to how big the actual story was, and i think that is indicative of the humanity problem he has. >> stephanie: right. and of course it ended in death, which is a little bit of a jagged pill. >> yeah, every time you hear stories about reagan and nancy,
8:21 am
there is a sweetness to his life and her. and every time they talk about her, it is the same deal after his passing. none of that was there and i think there was an equal amount of that truth there, he just can't even grasp it. there is this weird plastic nature that i don't think he can get past. and the openly -- scott walker weeping at the thing was the weirdest part of the audience cut-a ways and the guy in the apollo creed outfit. [ laughter ] >> and playing living in america. after apollo creed heard living in america he died. he was killed in the ring by a russian. you are picking a fight with putin, and you have a black guy in an uncle sam outfit and you played living in america. >> stephanie: and how about the
8:22 am
look on ann romney's face during the clint eastwood skit. >> they got -- they got paul ryan cringing on camera. they literally got him wincing. >> yeah it looked like he just shot old yeller. >> how would mitt romney run the country? i think the big thing is outsourcing. you look at how mitt romney has run his campaign how he runs this particular convention was run, he has outsourced all of the major decisions to people like -- almost like he is waving his hand at somebody doing laundry, and he gets what he pays for. >> stephanie: exactly. and because we're libbers, and helpers, we have been saying all morning, clearly they were so excited to get clint eastwood they can't ask him if he prepared anything. and having the number 1 comedy
8:23 am
tour in the country, for the record we do prepare things in advance. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> and aren't we supposed to grab on to everything -- the illusion is that liberals cling to celebrity like nobody's business, but even -- and liberals are supposed to be -- as hollywood loving as we're supposed to be we would prep the show. >> stephanie: we love you enough to prepare. >> yeah, and we wouldn't go we're so excited to have george clooney speaking we decided to let him do monologue from best in show. be the leader of your party when you are making these decisions, and if they -- if it goes poorly, it has to reflect on you. >> stephanie: yeah. absolutely. i'm not sure -- we were saying what group helped him this week except for angry old men that like to yell at chairs.
8:24 am
>> yeah the people who unplugged the young boxing in million dollar baby that crowd is also [ inaudible ]. >> stephanie: hal louise sparks. >> tell me that's not a demographic of the peanut throwers. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: hal sparks. see you next week honey love ya. >> you had to bring up the euthanasia. spoiler alert. >> stephanie: all right. 29 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
8:25 am
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> as funny as it is touching i stood up and cheered, go -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. . >> -- go. joel siegel. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." 34 minutes after the hour. what have we been doing during the commercial break, just bitching about our hotel -- >> oh, god. we're on a divided highway with no way to get across the street and there's absolutely nothing to get across the street for. >> stephanie: yeah and there's no restaurant no gym -- >> the nearest gym is four miles
8:30 am
away, and we think it is a curves. >> on the bright side the food is bound to be really healthy. >> there is a bo jangles next door, but it is inside the bo jangles coliseum. >> stephanie: tracy in santa fe -- it was like a diversity skit -- not actual diversity, but steph i live in new mexico governor martinez has been sued four times by the legislature and lost all four times. and she made it so impossible to get a driver's license or id in our state that my 94 hispanic
8:31 am
mother-in-law couldn't get an id because the motor vehicle department told her she didn't have the right papers despite having a voter id law and a birth certificate. [ applause ] >> stephanie: all right. mitt romney last night. >> seven? okay. >> stephanie: yes. >> all right. >> stephanie: all right. >> romney: you deserved it because during these years you worked harder than ever before you deserved it you cut out movie nights and put in longer hours, or when you lost that job that paid $29 and paid benefits you took two jobs that paid $9 an hour. >> moving lights? >> stephanie: the rom-bot
8:32 am
malfunction there. >> romney: we deserve better. my children deserves better my family deserves better my country deserves better! [ cheers ] >> stephanie: okay. was that the fake outrage. >> your children deserve better than billions of dollars from outsourcing to china. >> stephanie: let's dive into the right-wing world. [ inaudible ] >> democrats wish they had the deep bench to show america. they wanted a keynote speaker that was hispanic and they had to dig inside a red state to find an hispanic mayor. you know, one thing the republican has are a lot of elected officials to help deal with this issue of going against the grain on the fact that they are mostly a white -- their
8:33 am
support base is a white southern part of the party. the faith of the republican party, democrats wish that had that person. >> yeah, democrats only have latino voters on their side. >> stephanie: wow! this is it john this having to seem like fair and balanced and blah blah blah. it's stuff like that. >> exactly. i wish my agent could get me a gig as a black guy at the gop convention because that guy gets a lot of air time. >> stephanie: sarah palin. >> paul ryan has got to be absolutely prepared, as does governor romney. i think governor romney though now being on the campaign trail for five years, he is loaded for bare, he is ready for what is coming when the media starts
8:34 am
trying to warp his record and reputation. >> stephanie: paul ryan needs to be as prepared as you were. so they let her back on the phone. >> they canceled all of her interviews for the paul ryan night. >> stephanie: yeah that's weird. >> the rnc canceled her. >> stephanie: she said i'm sorry fox canceled all of my interviews tonight, because i wanted to highlight senator cain's contributions to -- whine, whine, whine. [ baby crying ] >> keep on criticizing your employer fox news sarah, see how that worked for gingrich. >> stephanie: here is what i was talking about, chris, you got it. >> yeah. >> stephanie: it is rush limbaugh little rally lying about the paul ryan lie. >> the drive-by media was on a
8:35 am
mission to try to prove that paul had lied. and they got their bogus fact checkers in here and lo and behold, they put out stories themselves filled with misleading data. >> those are called facts. >> in order to say obama didn't shut down that factory. >> stephanie: sometimes he is so good at lying, chris, i have to go home and go did something break? no, the plant closed under george bush. >> he used his kenyan nazi time machine. >> exactly. >> stephanie: chris wallace fox news. >> a lot of people think that paul ryan has for sometime been theent leader of the republican party, and you could see that tonight.
8:36 am
this was as cogent as coherent, as searing of an indictment of the obama record as you have heard. >> chris wallace just slammed paul ryan for lying in his previous address. so now he is trying to hold on to his job. >> stephanie: yes, back in bromance mode. oh, and his abs. >> oh god. he doesn't have abs -- >> stephanie: i know. brian kilmeade. >> there is not a republican depending the bush administration, the eight years, there is no one saying let's look at this logically and talk about where item nated. okay. let's get this straight. it wasn't one guy's fault? >> stephanie: wait a minute, what did he just say? there wasn't a single republican defending the -- >> right. he says there should have been more people defending the bush administration's record. >> stephanie: yeah he was like
8:37 am
beatle juice. >> his brother named him. and thanked bush for keeping america safe proving that they never told jeb about 9/11. >> and that's why his brother was scheduled at a much earlier time than anybody else. >> his brother was on tape. >> stephanie: and john roberts fox news. >> 10, 11 points behind on women. and women need to find some reason to connect with mitt romney, and they are not necessarily caring about the economy, or necessarily the policies he wants -- >> women care about the economy, but they are not policy women. >> stephanie: chicks are too dumb. >> i like his hair. >> stephanie: all right. oh goodness the newt and callista show. here we are, newt and callista.
8:38 am
>> it's striking president carter and president obama both took our nation down a path that in four years weakened america's confidence in itself and our hope for a better future. >> and weakened america's respect from aboard. >> blaming bush what he did three years ago is tremendous sonnous, blaming carter is important. >> stephanie: and here is jebby. you were talking about, john. >> mr. president it is time to stop blaming your predecessor for your failed economic policies. >> it's time to keep blaming him for his failed economic policies. >> stephanie: i saw david axelrod this morning is saying it is relevant because they want
8:39 am
to continue those policies but on steroids. >> yeah, and i'll tell you something, jeb bush is the smartest guy in that room because of all of the speaker who are there to audition for 2016. jeb bush i believe his entire game plan is if mitt romney crashes and burns, he will be in a perfect position to set him up in 2016 and that's how he will salvage his family name. >> stephanie: hi, ken. >> caller: i want to address this acquisition about paul ryan being a liar. >> stephanie: it is not an accusation. >> caller: he did not lie. he did not say obama closed the plant. that's something that you inferred. >> stephanie: he said obama campaigned and said, you know, that this plant will stay open and the plant closed. obviously the implication -- >> caller: but that's not a lie. >> stephanie: how could president obama -- he wasn't
8:40 am
president when the plant closed? >> are you saying he was just being disenagainous >> caller: he said president obama said if the government got involved that plant would be open for 100 years. well it is not open. >> stephanie: it closed under george bush. >> caller: it doesn't matter when it closed -- >> stephanie: i'm sorry, i can't. that's a pesky little detail. >> he should have gotten in the kenya hip hop time machine. >> kenyan hip hop time machine, oh god! >> stephanie: all of skeeter's talking points collide. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> the place where dreams come true.
8:41 am
>> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ but only current puts you at the collision of tv and social media, providing unsurpassed insight into the most buzz worthy tweets, posts and pontifications, from the entire social stratosphere including you. join in, tweet us, and you could be a part of our on-air and online coverage. >>now that is politically direct. (vo) ...after the premiere of joy behar: say anything
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8:44 am
(vo) this is joy. >>who the heck does mitt romney think he is? (vo) this is joy on current tv. >>if mitt romney treats his magic underwear the same way as his tax returns, then he's been going commando for the past [ ♪ music ♪ ]
8:45 am
♪ last night i had a crazy room a chick in a black bikini she looked so good but she couldn't be real she must be -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome it to. >> we're already plotting our move closer to the convention. >> stephanie: we're frantically trying to figure out who we know. hilarious onion headline.
8:46 am
you did great terrified personal assistant tells clint eastwood. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: following clint eastwood's surprise speech absolutely petrified personal assistant told the actor he did great. wow, that was amazing. seriously. everyone loved it so much. >> do i still have a job. [ mocking laughter ] >> stephanie: trying to keep eastwood as far away from any television or newspapers. that's funny if you are out here in hollywood because it's true. >> it's true. >> stephanie: let's go to brenda in columbus. hi brenda. >> caller: good morning, stephanie. good morning, guys. i think you are doing a wonderful job. so glad you are there. i know it's hard work. but i especially want to say there was a caller earlier today who spoke about having such a hard time with the
8:47 am
obama -- president obama administration and i want to say -- i want to say that i am -- we have actually done better. myself and my husband, there are two of us -- between the two of us we have six grown children and we are under $35,000 a year that we are making but we still are doing better than we were in 2007. >> stephanie: brenda paul ryan hit on this too, for a party that claims we are the party of victims and victimhood paul ryan was saying it is not your fault it's president obama's fault. >> caller: exactly. but what i was saying to t-bone is it's how you manage what you are working with. if you manage it well you'll come through, and that's all there is too it, there are good times and bad times in all times, but you can't take one
8:48 am
person and blame them for all of your downfalls. >> stephanie: exactly. senator lindsey graham is warning republicans the strategy of relying on angry white guys is going to boom his party. we're not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term. >> you're fired! >> then we'll have to keep all of the none angry white guys from voting. >> stephanie: and by the way, john, gop governor knowledges romny's welfare attack ads are false. he was asked are the medicare comments a lie? and he said as far case tell. [ wah wah ] >> stephanie: ann romney said her favorite show is family guy. [ inaudible ]
8:49 am
[ laughter ] >> stephanie: here is some good news by the way -- north carolina >> stephanie: especially for people like jim who is concerned. a tele-judge panel has struck down texas's voter id law. >> that's good news. >> stephanie: yes, exactly. one state at a time. i love this, bat [ censor bleep ] michele bachmann is encouraging voters to support mitt romney because president obama is extremely wealthy and can't relate to the average man. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: she said president obama is extremely wealthy. he and his wife have been wealthy for a number of years, so i think that's really the issue. no, it's not. john fugelsang here is more good news -- [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: guess who lost his
8:50 am
primary? ben quayle. do my favorite line -- >> ben quayle called obama the worst president in history, proving the douche doesn't fall far from the bag. [♪ fun-facts music ♪] >> do they throw potato-es at him. >> stephanie: susie you are on the "stephanie miller show" -- hi, susie. oh, dear she is on delay. jim in illinois hi jim. >> caller: hi. i just want to take a couple of quick comments on the diatribe that clint eastwood gave last night. number 1, we -- i'm -- i'm thinking myself personally that he may have a lot with romney because he is a 1 percenter, and people are talking more about him being an actor and director
8:51 am
i think more attention should be spent on telling people that he is a 1 percenter. >> stephanie: i guess. although it was hard to tell what his point was exactly. what did he call it? diatribe. [♪ "jeopardy" theme music ♪] >> it was more of a uni-tribe. or possible mental break down. >> stephanie: that's what i was afraid of. >> maybe he actually thought he was talking to someone. >> or maybe someone should have said no, when he said i'm going to wing it. >> stephanie: i'm a prop man. i need a chair! john that might have set somebody off. you know, clint what do you need a chair for? >> you act like you have never watched a guy talk to his own stool. [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: that's right.
8:52 am
other old white men can relate to that apparently. by the way -- >> where's my scrabble. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: okay. mitt romney's sister assures voters he is not going to touch abortion. wow. >> if you are pro life and you are supporting mittens, you are crazy. romney care covers abortions, and this was the week that mitt romney came out and said he supports the complete and full repeal of roe v wade and allowing rape victims to have abortion rights. he went up against paul ryan himself. >> stephanie: he was literally speaking to a group and said he's not going to do anything about abortion. don't worry about it. and he is saying the opposite. literally they are trying to have it every way on every
8:53 am
issue. >> exactly right. i had this talk with governor spitzer last night. wall street controls the republican party and no matter what they say that's who they serve. they'll tell you what you want to hear but they serve wall street. they don't care about abortion, gay marriage or mexico. >> stephanie: yeah. john fugelsang with be with the a-team next week al gore, who you may have heard of jennifer grandholm, jacki schechner, eliot spitzer, and we're flying and broadcasting live tuesday. john fugelsang of course will be in new york. thank you, honey appreciate it. >> thank you. have safe travel. i can't wait to see your shoi show next week.
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